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A Full Line of Products

SUPER SNEAKY line of products is specially designed for Low Overhead installations in any garage door, Residential or Commercial.

SUPER SNEAKY products are effective Individually, however, when combined provide SPECIAL SECURITY FEATURES locking the garage door tight to the floor overcoming ice or snow buildup or concrete swelling.


Low Overhead Hinges   SS

The original Hinges that started it all. Eliminates troublesome & costly double-track kits. Self-positioning, easy install.  Works on all residential doors and all drawbar-type automatic operators. Effective on manual opening up to 7′ door heights.
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Strut Mount Plates (SMP)

Extra support for mounting installation hardware on thin metals. Helps prevent defacement, and panel operational failure.


Operator Reinforcement Plates (ORP)

J bar mount, adjustable to accommodate 18 - 24" garage door panels. With the added feature of strengthening the top panel against bending or warping with continued operator use.


Low Overhead Hinges No Tab   SSNT

Same elements as the SS Hinges, except a removed Tab to accommodate top door panels having built-in struts, or requiring them for added strength.

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Operator Extension Bracket - Commercial (OEB(C))

Mount point for large end / multiple operator rails.
Mounted between two standard torsion bar mounts will accommodate any size operator rail mount, or a pair of rail mounts, as might be required for large panel door installations, found on warehouses or industrial units.

Operator Extension Bracket (OEB)

An operator rail mount point frees installers from attaching operator rails to makeshift looking mounts.

Dealer Trial Packages

Not ready to commit to a full order yet?


Our Dealer Trial packages make it easy for any Wholesaler or Dealer to see

first hand the effectiveness of our products and just how easy they are to install.

Special Dealer Trial pricing for new accounts.


*M.O.Q. applies to Wholesale Pricing

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