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About Us

SUPER SNEAKY CONTRACT DIVISION is the North American manufacturer & distributor of SUPER SNEAKY low overhead garage door installation products.

We exist to serve the garage door dealer network with the safest, most efficient installation products, unconditionally guaranteed, simple to install and profitable.

SUPER SNEAKY is the solution to the most challenging low overhead garage door installation. Residential door dealers will never have to install double track systems again.
Repairing an existing double-track system is a simple matter of installing SUPER SNEAKY SS or SSNT hinges on the existing track, and your customer is back in operation....and this time for good!


We talk a lot about garage doors and the challenges that go along with installing them. But we don't often discuss low overhead doors, which can be quite challenging for installers as well.

For starters, is the fact that many times there's not enough headroom left after a door installation for an operator to fit properly and work effectively. This means it takes longer for installation crews to complete this type of installation.

SUPER SNEAKY hinges eliminate troublesome & costly double-track kits, are self-positioning, easy to install & work on all residential doors with all draw bar type automatic operators.